Johnathan Warminski, MD, Kruti Dajee, MD, and Jawad Qureshi, MD


Retina Center of Texas provides progressive and leading-edge retinal treatments along with the kind of individualized, personal care that’s reminiscent of an old-school private practice. This unique blend of world-class, expert care combined with hometown friendliness sets Retina Center of Texas apart.

“The doctor-patient relationship is what defines our practice. We’re a relatively small practice focused on providing personalized care”

says Dr. Jawad Qureshi, “Unlike a large multispecialty group where patients often see multiple doctors, our patients work with the same physician, allowing for continuity of care.”

At Retina Center of Texas, patients know they are receiving the best possible care and treatment from a team of board certified, nationally recognized and fellowship-trained retina specialists. Drs. Jawad Qureshi, Johnathan Warminski and Kruti Dajee provide the highest quality retina and vitreous services for both children and adults.

Whether they seek treatment for macular degeneration, flashes and floaters, or retinal tear or detachment, patients trust they will receive leading-edge therapies at Retina Center of Texas. Retina Center of Texas is proud to offer the most advanced optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology, which magnifies images of the retina and allows doctors to evaluate the retina’s cross-sectional structure and better evaluate a disease.

When it comes to providing the most advanced retinal treatments, the physicians at Retina Center of Texas participate in a variety of studies, which is a guiding force of the practice.

Healing and helping patients live their best life is what inspires each physician at Retina Center of Texas every day. It’s a great feeling when a patient thanks them for relieving pain or restoring their vision.

If you or a loved one is searching for the most innovative treatment and surgery for a retinal disease, make an appointment at Retina Center of Texas. The entire team remains committed to putting compassion and communication at the forefront, caring for the person while also treating their disease.



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