Theresa D. Stretch, MD, Chelsea Doyen, MD, and Arunpriya Vadivelu, MD

Pleasant Ridge Internal Medicine and Wellness


Drs. Theresa Stretch, Chelsea Doyen, and Arunpriya Vadivelu, understand the benefits of team-based care. These three dynamic women partner with patients and patient caregivers to achieve—and maintain—wellness through healthy living, patient education, and open, honest communication. Their goal is optimum wellness for every patient.

Since 2011, the PRIM hallmark has been the time they take listening to each patient, hearing their stories, addressing their concerns, educating them about positive lifestyle changes, and placing the patients behind the wheel in their own lives—from young adulthood to end-of-life care.

Experienced Nurse Practitioners

As the role of the nurse practitioner has redefined primary care, PRIM has led the way, welcoming experienced nurse practitioners Olubunmi Awe, Jessica Watson, and Heather B. Rich into their practice, along with certified nurse midwife, Marie Murphy. As nurse practitioners, they engage with patients, helping them understand their own health and wellness. Together with the rest of this dynamic team, they provide care for adult patients 18 and older, from common ailments to complex healthcare concerns, with an emphasis on conservative, comprehensive patient education.

Patient Empowerment

Never ones to dictate treatment, PRIM clinicians take the time to gather the information they need and empower their patients to make savvy, well-informed choices and lifestyle changes for themselves. Because most of us know we should eat better, exercise more, get more sleep, but often don’t, it’s not enough for a provider to simply preach about what we’re doing wrong. Instead they take the time to talk to patients about the way certain foods affect their body; the benefits they’ll realize with a cleaner diet and more active lifestyle; the proactive things they can do day-to-day. Thus, they can empower them to make better choices for themselves and their loved ones; to actively participate in their own richer, fuller, more productive lives.

Proactive, Preventative Wellness Care

Because the clinitians at Pleasant Ridge Internal Medicine and Wellness believe that preventative care is the key to all medicine, long-term health is always their goal. That begins with building relationships with their patients and their caregivers, then providing them with the highest level of service within a warm and friendly atmosphere. From there, they emphasize preventive care, guiding patients through routine exams, immunizations, healthy lifestyle coaching, as well as diagnosis, treatment, and management of illnesses and diseases, always emphasizing collaboration, education, and proactive wellness care.

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  • Comprehensive Physical Exams
  • Preventative Services
  • Management of Acute and Chronic Illness
  • Primary Care for Cancer Patients and Survivors




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