Karen Williamson, DDS, PA

For the past 25 years, Dr. Karen Williamson has provided excellent dental care for the entire family. From age three and up, her patients can leave with healthier, brighter smiles knowing that their oral health is in caring, qualified hands.

From the Beginning

When she came to the Lake Ray Hubbard area to open a dental practice, she chose Rockwall due to the awesome community of people. As her practice has grown, she says, “I had no idea that it would be such a great place to raise our children. It’s just been a joy to be here.”

Now, after 25 years, she and her practice have become an integral part of Rockwall.

All in the Family

Dr. Williamson can provide dental care for the entire family from young children to grandparents. Because she has been part of the Rockwall community for so many years, some of her patients have seen Dr. Williamson for most of their lives. In fact, she has patients who came as children and have gone to college, married, and had families of their own now. “It’s humbling to think of the trust that these families have in our practice,” says Dr. Williamson.

On the Edge of Technology

Her office is often complimented on their technologically advanced dental experiences for patients. One prime example is her use of laser technology.
Dr. Williamson uses lasers to heal aphthous or herpetic ulcers quite rapidly, to “sterilize” bacterial pockets in periodontal disease and gingivitis to reduce bleeding and inflammation, and to remove small blueish lesions on the lips. She says, “Most all of these procedures require little or no anesthetic, making it quite easy for the patient.”

Comfort for the Patient

Some patients have real concerns and fears about going to the dentist before meeting Dr. Williamson. Taking their concerns seriously, she does everything she can to reassure her patients. She says, “The best way to help our frightened or anxious patients is to listen to their concerns and find out what we can change to help them.” Some of these changes include working on patients standing up (instead of leaning them way back) and using the Comfort Syringe to give an injection that is more comfortable. Especially helpful, Dr. Williamson also takes time to explain each procedure and talk patients through as she performs treatment.  Dr. Williamson and her team consistently strive to make sure they are making every patient’s visit a success in terms of comfort and understanding.

For a dentist with the experience, knowledge, and care for your family and community, choose Dr. Karen Williamson.



560 West Ralph Hall Parkway
Rockwall, Texas 75032
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