Ronald Garza, DDS and
Joseph Parker, DDS

Just for Kids Dentistry of Forney


Knowledge, experience, and compassion are all important factors parents look for in their child’s pediatric dentist. Drs. Ronald Garza and Joseph Parker treat each patient with individualized care and concern at Just for Kids Dentistry of Forney.

“All kids deserve to be treated fairly and have an equal chance at great dental care, no matter what their background or economic status is,” Dr. Parker said. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality care all around. We want everyone to feel welcome in our office.”

Ronald Garza, DDS has practiced in the Dallas area for over 25 years. He is board-certified and completed his residency in pediatric dentistry at Children’s Medical Center and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. He provides hospital sedation care at Park Central Surgical Center, and holds appointments there and at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Joseph Parker, DDS grew up in Forney and graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2007. He is board-certified and completed his pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, where he received extensive training with special healthcare-needs children, general anesthesia and oral sedation. He also has privileges at Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

“It’s important for parents to know that we have an individual approach in dealing with each child. We take the time to explain things to them and encourage them to ask questions,” said Dr. Parker. “This approach allows for better continuity of care and makes kids and parents more comfortable.”

Tandy Yager agrees. She said, “My daughter was having a dental issue and Dr. Parker’s office got us right in. It was amazing how friendly, sweet and giving they were when we came in. They solved our problem and took care of us. When we had a dental issue with my youngest child, Dr. Parker immediately sent us to the emergency room. My son’s whole side of his face was swollen.
He spent four days in the hospital and every single day he was there, Dr. Parker called and checked on him to make sure he was okay. It made me feel like I was being taken care of completely. I thought that was above and beyond his call of duty.”

Elmer Smalley is the parent of six children, the youngest of which is a patient of Dr. Garza’s. “I actually wish he was my dentist,” he said with a laugh. “I’ve had all these years of kids with dental work and let me tell you: This man is the best dentist I’ve ever had for my kids. Ever. He’s gentle, compassionate, kind, and thoughtful. His employees are the same. He understands how parents can be nervous and I see how he deals with it. I recommend him to everybody.”

In addition to preventive and restorative care, both Drs. Garza and Parker stay up-to-date on the most current technology. They offer laser treatment for certain procedures and evaluate children for tongue-tie and lip-tie. These problems occur when the tissue under the tongue or lip (frenum) restricts movement, or is very thick. This can create issues with feeding, speech development, and can cause excess gaps between teeth.

Just for Kids Dentistry services Forney, Rockwall, Heath, Kaufman, Crandall, Sunnyvale, and Terrell, Texas.





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