Julio Andino, MD

Rockwall Neurology


At Rockwall Neurology, patients can expect the highest quality medical care in a pleasant and comfortable setting. Whether patients seek treatment for ailments such as headaches, seizures, tremors, or dizziness and vertigo, Dr. Julio Andino and his team of medical professionals strive to treat each patient as a human, not a number.

They understand the importance of establishing real connections and developing meaningful relationships with each patient who walks through the door. While patients receive appointment times, they’re not constrained by those times. Staff members make sure they get to know each patient and that each individual feels informed and comfortable.

“We take our time with patients. Our mantra is that patients don’t come to the office for pills, they come to understand what’s going on,” says Dr. Andino. “Many of our patients suffer from chronic conditions, so we see them on a recurring basis. It’s important to develop relationships with each one.”



Rockwall Neurology can help adults with many neurological conditions, including headaches, stroke, and multiple sclerosis. The practice provides comprehensive neurological care and offers the highest level of care for cognitive disorders and dementia. While many practices send patients offsite to diagnose dementia, Rockwall Neurology can treat patients in-house.

Patients also benefit from an onsite cognitive therapist. “There are different types of dementia,” explains Dr. Andino. “When someone is diagnosed, our cognitive therapist sits down with the patient and develops a personalized treatment plan. The therapist can tailor treatment plans individually rather than applying a cookie-cutter treatment for every kind of dementia.”

Dr. Andino, who has been practicing medicine for five years, finds it rewarding to help patients restore their quality of life. He explains that many patients have chronic conditions that often lead to significant limitations. His goal is to get to know them and help them with whatever ailment they face. “For me, it’s more than just keeping their condition under control,” he says. “I want to help them enjoy their life and enjoy the simple things we often take for granted.”

Dr. Andino always knew he wanted to work in the medical field and developed his passion for neurology in high school. “I find it to be fascinating,” he says. “It’s the body’s control center.”

In medical school, Dr. Andino won an award from the International Stoke Foundation for his research on cerebral hemorrhage. In 2013, he was invited to participate on a task force for writing guidelines for stroke management for the American Stroke Association. Now half a decade into his career, Dr. Andino stays current by attending conferences in his field and enriching his knowledge through resources such as the Mayo Clinic.

“The neurology field is evolving so much,” he says. “When patients come to see us, I want them to know they’re meeting with someone who is passionate about their care and will work with them to maintain their quality of life.”


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