John Bauer, DDS and Cody Bauer, DDS

Mansfield Family Dentistry


Whether you’re looking for someone to stay on top of routine maintenance of your teeth and gums, you need to get back on track with restorative dentistry, or you’re ready to make some changes with a complete smile makeover, Mansfield Family Dentistry is your one-stop shop. With everything from dentures, crowns, and bridges to extractions and dental implants, and with Terri Bauer running the office and coordinating patient care, Drs. John and Cody Bauer can handle it all. They even offer Invisalign Clear Tooth Aligners for straightening teeth and beautiful porcelain veneers to correct chips and gaps.

For more than 30 years and with the fourth generation of Mansfield residents calling Mansfield Family Dentistry their dental home, the Drs. Bauer have placed an emphasis on relationships: with their patients, with their family, and with their community. Practicing conservative dentistry with an emphasis on patient education and empowerment, they spend time partnering with each patient, teaching them to advocate for their own optimum oral health, to keep natural teeth and gums healthy and intact.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you’re repairing damage to your teeth or just wanting to tweak what the Good Lord gave you, Drs. John and Cody Bauer can sit with you, listen to your wishes and desires and compile a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, to give you that fully-functioning, gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of. They’ve invested in the very latest dental advancements, including laser dentistry, 3D CT scanner, pain-free injections, digital impression technology (no more gooey impression material), and gum disease laser therapy. Then they can finish off your beautiful, healthy smile with in-office laser tooth whitening.


When the natural tooth is beyond help, the Drs. Bauer can provide you with a dental implant that’s undistinguishable from your natural tooth. A permanent, natural-looking tooth that’s anchored to your jaw with a titanium post, it gives you the same function and biting strength as your natural tooth and preserves your facial structure.

Children’s Dentistry

Dr. John Bauer can’t believe it (Where did the time go?) but he’s now seeing his fourth generation of patients. Now he and Dr. Cody are treating grandparents, parents, children, then—amazingly—those kids have grown, and their kids are sitting in the dental chair. For children as young as three, the Mansfield Family Dentistry team takes it slow, talking to kids, explaining each thing they do before they do it, and taking extra time to educate parent and child about caring for the only set of teeth they’ll ever have.

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  • Serving Mansfield families for 30 years
  • Full Menu of Cosmetic Dentistry Options
  • Crowns, Bridges, Implants and other restorative options
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Help for Sleep Apnea
  • Invisalign Clear Tooth Aligners 


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