Hossein Bagshahi, MD


Few doctors can claim to literally reshape their patients’ lives, but Dr. Hossein Bagshahi at Bagshahi Bariatric and General Surgery can. He and his staff help patients reshape their bodies, their health, and their longevity with weight loss surgery.

“It’s happy surgery. You are making anatomic changes to get a positive physiologic and metabolic effect that results in weight loss and remission of chronic disease to improve that patient’s life”

Dr. Bagshahi says. With more than one-third of adults in America struggling with obesity, Dr. Bagshahi’s services are needed more than ever.

Many of Dr. Bagshahi’s patients suffer from comorbidities related to excess weight, such as metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, sleep apnea, depression, and infertility. Weight loss surgery helps to reverse these related diseases along with lifestyle change relating to proper nutrition and daily exercise. He specializes in bariatric surgery, surgery for reflux disease, and minimally invasive surgery, and provides comprehensive weight loss care.


Dr. Bagshahi completed a fellowship in bariatric surgery and minimally invasive (laparoscopic), robotic, and endoscopic surgery at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston. Compared to traditional open surgery, laparoscopic surgery is less traumatic, allowing patients to recover faster with less pain and return home and to work much faster. Robotic-assisted surgery is used to optimize laparoscopic surgery for more complex work and efficiency during surgery. “A robotic platform uses the benefits of the surgeon’s dexterity to cut, sew, and handle tissue that is lost when we make the leap from open surgery to laparoscopic surgery,” he says. Dr. Bagshahi has even published book chapters on robotic surgery and bariatric surgery.

Bariatric surgery is constantly changing with the introduction of new technology and procedures. As a specialist who is primarily focused on bariatric surgery, Dr. Bagshahi can evaluate and introduce these innovations when appropriate for patients in North Texas. He says, “One of the newest FDA-approved innovations is intragastric balloons. They offer a solution for people who do not want to make the leap to bariatric surgery but are interested in a temporary tool to address their excess weight.” Intragastric balloons are put in place in the office, removed by endoscopy, stay in for six months, and help patients manage hunger better to lose weight.

“I’m really interested in the development of the endoluminal sleeve and other true natural orifice surgeries”

Dr. Bagshahi says. He is trained in and offers endoluminal sleeve gastroplasty, otherwise known as endoscopic sleeve surgery. Patients receive no incision and typically return home the same day. He says, “It is important to have a bariatric surgeon who is up-to-date so he or she can choose the surgery that makes the most sense for the patient.


At Bagshahi Bariatric and General Surgery, instead of only performing surgery and leaving patients to fend for themselves, Dr. Bagshahi offers a comprehensive suite of options and support for individuals considering weight loss surgery. Dr. Bagshahi says, “Surgery is a tool used to achieve effective weight loss, but patients need more than just surgery, they need to be coached toward lifestyle change that includes proper nutrition and developing a daily exercise habit.” Many patients also join the office Facebook page and online social community to exchange ideas, encouragement, and comradery throughout their weight loss journey.


Dr. Bagshahi is one of few surgeons who cares for patients who have experienced complications and failures from previous bariatric surgery. Some of these cases result from patients traveling to where they think they can get the surgery performed for a cheaper price, but for many it often costs them much more. “When you factor in the risks of surgery along with not having access to American hospitals or a specialist and resources in the event of a complication, the lack of having a real therapeutic bond with your surgeon and their staff, and the importance of aftercare and recommended lifelong follow- up, you aren’t saving much,” Dr. Bagshahi says. Those who choose medical tourism don’t get the comfort of knowing their surgeon can take care of them if something goes wrong after the fact nor participate in long-term follow-up care.


To avoid potential problems or complications and achieve longterm, successful outcomes, it is best to see a qualified surgeon whose primary focus is comprehensive bariatric surgery—someone who can perform all the modern procedures and address related complications should they occur, someone who will continue longterm follow-up to ensure patients are meeting the recommended nutritional and supplement replacement guidelines. Patients need to see someone like Dr. Bagshahi. For the first year after surgery, Dr. Bagshahi meets with a patient every three to six months depending on the surgery performed. After that, they see him a minimum of once a year to check diet, weight, nutrition-related labs, and address any issues that might otherwise be over looked.


Those suffering from obesity have heard many times that they need to lose weight. They’ve been told to exercise and eat less, which are difficult for the obese to do. To many, it can almost make surgery seem like the easy way out. Dr. Bagshahi says, “Having bariatric surgery isn’t cheating the process. For the obese patient, it is part of the process. It is a tool. It will help you lose weight in an effective manner and develop a lifestyle and habits around health and wellness.” Dr. Bagshahi adds, “Bariatric surgery works. It is what our patients need, it’s the state-of-the-art for dealing with obesity and related diseases.” For compassionate, expert care for bariatric surgery and weight loss, there is one clear choice—Dr. Bagshahi.



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