Marcin N. Vaclaw, DPM


At Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands, Dr. Marcin N. Vaclaw and his associates combine the old-fashioned tradition of making house calls with the newest techniques and technology in their practice. The house visits are done across all of North Houston. This unique paradox of services alone separates them from other podiatrists in the Houston area. However, in the office or in a patient’s home, Dr. Vaclaw also creates a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

From heel pain, flat feet, and bunions to toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, there isn’t a foot problem Dr. Vaclaw can’t handle. He’ll help patients stay “A Step Ahead.”



Whether due to muscle weakness, difficulty walking, or having to use a wheelchair or walker, patients who struggle to leave the house can qualify for at-home visits from Dr. Vaclaw. Many of these patients—for various reasons—are unable to care for painful toenail or foot problems, and Dr. Vaclaw and his colleagues gladly address this desperate need.


He says, “It’s fun to see how excited and surprised they are when patients learn that these services are provided in-home. They appreciate it so much.”


To check if you or someone you know qualifies, contact the office.

Even though Dr. Vaclaw clearly can’t use all the fancy, bulky equipment from his office for at-home visits, he still has access to technology that helps his homebound patients. In or out of the office, he performs thorough examinations of the feet and ankles and then treats the problem areas, including injections for arthritis or heel pain.

Using mobile imaging companies, Dr. Vaclaw can even have X-rays performed on patients in the comfort of their own homes. Covered by most insurances, other at-home services that most patients don’t know about include home health nurses, therapists, and caregivers to provide much needed assistance. He often informs his patients of these other services so they can take advantage of them and improve their overall quality of life.



As you might imagine, Dr. Vaclaw gets pretty close to his patients, both physically to clip their toe nails and personally.


Since Dr. Vaclaw started doing house calls five years ago, he says, “The best part of doing what I do has been being able to meet people of all different varieties. I get to meet people for a living, and furthermore, I get to help them fix problems. What a great career, right?”


Part of meeting so many patients and treating them in their home means forming close relationships, even if they don’t see him often. After several years, one of his first at-home patients recently returned. “We caught up and she let me know how she had lost everything during Hurricane Harvey. She had put off her own foot problems to care for her husband and get back on their feet (no pun intended),” he says. “We had a great talk about her situation and now she and her husband are set up for continued in-home care.”



In the office, the doctors at Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands use the latest technology and techniques to give patients the best possible care, all without having to go to the crowded medical center in downtown Houston. With four major hospitals locally, Dr. Vaclaw says, “The Woodlands has come to the forefront of healthcare in Houston, and we have built our office to consistently match that high standard.”

To meet these high standards, Dr. Vaclaw and his colleagues have some of the best training in the country. For example, for plantar fasciitis (heel pain), he is one of a few podiatrists in Houston who perform what is called the Noble procedure, or the “no-stitch” treatment for heel pain. Using stem cells and a small needle, Dr. Vaclaw can repair the damage done by plantar fasciitis and decrease inflammation. The best part? The procedure takes less than 10 minutes and requires only mild sedation. Plus, unlike traditional heel surgery, the Noble procedure enables patients to walk out of the surgery center, have no boot or casts, and have minimal care for only two weeks afterward.

Because of the success of the Noble procedure for plantar fasciitis, Dr. Vaclaw is also participating in studies using the same stem cells for minimally invasive surgery for bunions and arthritic joints.


Foot and Ankle Specialist of The Woodlands - Dr. Marcin N. Vaclaw



Although seriously trained and qualified, Dr. Vaclaw doesn’t take himself seriously all the time, and he finds humor in his work. He laughs about being bitten by Chihuahuas and chased by geese while visiting patients’ homes. He even enjoys a good foot pun now and then.

Whether for an at-home visit or in the office, if you’re looking for advanced, customized care to put your best foot forward— literally—Dr. Vaclaw at Foot and Ankle Specialists of The Woodlands is here for you.



  • I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but…
  • I like helping people get back on their feet!
  • Our patients are head over heels for at-home visits with us.
  • The sole purpose of shoes should be stiff.
  • When you have problems with your feet, trouble is afoot.
  • We don’t want anyone to get cold feet about getting help for their foot issues.
  • A lot of people get cold feet before treatment.
  • Patients can have the world at their feet once they resolve their foot issues. 
  • Advances in podiatry keep me on my toes.
  • Our feet are like the tires on our car. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Lamborghini, you can’t go anywhere with a flat tire. 




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