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Erica Sails, M.D.

Erica Sails, M.D. Family Medicine


Dr. Erica Sails believes in the basics. “Proper rest, diet, exercise, fresh air, water, self-control, sunshine, and trusting God are all essential to staying healthy and becoming the best we can be,” she said. At her family medicine practice, Dr. Sails spends her days educating, motivating, and empowering her patients to achieve optimal health. “I enjoy partnering with my patients to set smart goals to help prevent—and in some cases reverse—the progress of lifestyle disease.”

It’s what God has called her to do and what He solidified in her, while she undertook urban missionary work in inner-city Chicago. “My time in Chicago, combined with my faith in God, truly changed my life,” she said. “It gave me a unique perspective on medicine and myself—both as a physician and a servant to man—working as an extension of the healing hands of Christ.”

Dr. Sails sees each patient as a life God has allowed her to impact.

“I’ve learned the importance of listening, especially to unspoken words and body language; to recognize the real needs that are often more than just physical. Listening helps me be more compassionate and effective—both in the mission field and in medicine.”

Her holistic approach to health—addressing the physical needs by understanding the mental, social, and spiritual needs of each patient—sets her apart. Dr. Sails shared with us an example of this approach in action. In her practice she had a patient who was neglecting her diabetes and hypertension medicine. Once she gained her trust, Dr. Sails discovered the patient feared for her life, at the hands of a drug-addicted daughter who—among other things—was selling her medicine, to fund her drug habit.

Dr. Sails helped the patient get out of this dangerous situation, find a place to stay, and obtain the social services she needed. Once the patient was in a place where she could manage her medicine and money, and feel safe, Dr. Sails and the patient could partner to address her diabetes and hypertension and her health improved tremendously. This is just one of many patients who has received another chance at a healthy life thanks to a doctor willing to meet them where they were and extend the grace of God.

Dr. Sails is an active member of Arlington Seventh Day Adventist church where she’s involved in outreach, leads life groups, and is the former health ministry’s leader. She and her family also support Revive Community Service.


  • Annual exams
  • Well woman exams
  • Pediatric well child checks
  • Chronic disease
  • Skin infections
  • Sick visits
  • Minor Injuries
  • Sprain/strains
  • and More



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