Thomas Saadeh, MD



Dr. Thomas Saadeh is one of those lucky people who finds fulfillment—and even happiness—in his job. “My last name, Saadeh, means ‘happiness’ and I can definitely say that my work and its positive effect on others play a significant role in bringing happiness to my life,” he said. “Open Imaging of Rockwall is an upbeat, positive place to be. We strive to give each patient attentive and compassionate care with a smile, the kind we would want ourselves or our families to receive.”

Open Imaging patients will be seeing that smile and the corresponding pleasant demeanor even more often now, as Dr. Saadeh has come onboard full-time providing excellent quality diagnostic imaging including 3T MRI, 64-slice low-dose CT scan, ultrasound, digital X-ray, and minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. “Open Imaging utilizes Rockwall’s only 3T MRI and is uniquely staffed with a board certified, Harvard-trained radiologist on site,” Dr. Saadeh said. “We offer quick and convenient scheduling as well as high-quality imaging with rapid results. Our goal for every patient is to provide diagnostic answers and smart treatment options.”

There’s no need to drive across the lake to find the highest quality imaging technology available. The 3T MRI is state-of-the-art for clinical medicine today and provides the image quality with reduced examination scan time. This wide-bore model has more space for patients of various shapes and sizes (up to 550 pounds). From scheduling your exam to receiving your results, the Open Imaging of Rockwall staff will guide you through the process while maintaining a professional and responsive relationship with your referring physician.


“Most of our patients are either referred to us by their doctors who are accustomed to high-quality imaging or are returning clients by their own choice,” Dr. Saadeh said. “I am available to confer with your health care provider and make imaging recommendations. After your scan, I find it rewarding to collaborate with referring providers on imaging findings to help each patient receive the very best care.”



Meet Dr. Saadeh

Thomas Saadeh, MD, was born in Dallas and received his undergraduate degree from Baylor University, graduating summa cum laude. He received his medical degree with honors from Baylor College of Medicine and completed his internship at Houston Methodist. Dr. Saadeh completed his residency at Baylor College of Medicine and served on staff at Texas Children’s Hospital. He completed a fellowship in abdominal imaging at Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston where he trained in advanced imaging and minimally invasive, image-guided procedures. He is board certified by the American Board of Radiology. When not on the job, he is a husband and father who cherishes spending time with his family and working outdoors.




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