Colleen Kennedy, MD

Kennedy Bariatrics


Unlike many surgeons who see their patients for a short time, before, during and after surgery, Colleen Kennedy is able to follow her Kennedy Bariatric patients, often through the rest of their lives

 “I watch them get married and have kids,” she said. “I get to know their families and share in their life events. I watch them go from wheelchair-bound to ambulatory.

My staff and I celebrate with them as they land the job they’ve always wanted and become able to do things the rest of us take for granted—shop at a regular retail store, fit into an airplane seat, buy a pair of high-heel shoes, sit on a ride at an amusement park with their child or share a porch swing with their spouse. Their victories are our victories.”

Multidisciplinary Approach Helps Patients Achieve Success For A Lifetime

Surgery is just one part of Dr. Kennedy’s bariatric practice, which helps people make a complete lifestyle change through education, nutrition, emotional support and more.  After all, being overweight is about more than just looks. Many obese people suffer from weight-related ailments including hypertension, diabetes, depression, high cholesterol, arthritis, incontinence, reflux, sleep apnea and the list goes on. “By changing the life of a patient, we change their entire family,” said Dr. Kennedy. “We change the way they approach food and exercise, which positively affects the next generation and the next. We educate the household when we change the food environment, and we empower the entire family to become healthier.”

Bariatric Surgery Has Come A Long Way

Dr. Kennedy began her career in bariatrics when the field was still developing and open bariatric surgery was the only option.

“Today, we are able to offer patients a shorter, much less invasive procedure with minimal recovery time, minimal scarring, minimal pain and far less risk of infection,” 

she said. Dr. Kennedy is always following the latest advances in bariatric surgery. She has recently added the gastric balloon to her resources she has to offer her patients.

Kennedy Bariatrics has a patient centered philosophy and is completely dedicated to helping each and every patient reach their individual goals. “Their victories are our victories,” said Dr. Kennedy. Kennedy Bariatrics has three convenient locations in Dallas, and Rockwall. It is a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence. Call for a consultation and begin your journey back to health today.





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