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Jason R. Butler, MD, Mark A. Dirnberger, DO, Thomas J. Hong, DO



Pain is a highly personal thing. The providers at Regency Pain and Therapy understand that. That’s why they operate their practice with the goal of offering very specific, highly personalized treatment for those suffering from pain and injury. With an emphasis on patient education and empowerment, they explore the reasons behind that pain and get to know each patient, their lifestyle, their unique challenges, and their treatment preferences.

Medication is never the end-all-be-all at Regency Pain and Therapy. Rather Drs. Jason Butler, Mark Dirnberger, and Thomas Hong search for the root causes of your pain. Then, together with Physical Therapist Aimee Whitfield, they develop a highly-individualized treatment plan with five goals in mind: to decrease your pain, increase your productivity, minimize your use of medication, maximize your physical activity, and improve your quality of life.

These highly-trained and experienced physicians see patients suffering from acute pain after injuries as the result of a car accident, sports injury, or other trauma, as well as those enduring chronic pain related to degenerative joint and spine disease, cancer care, and others; many of whom feel captive to ever-increasing doses of pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medication, just to make it through the day.

They begin by gathering your personalized history and performing a thorough exam, followed by individualized testing to determine the reasons behind the pain and to establish a baseline from which to work. In the welcoming environment of their office, they counsel with patients, their families, and other caregivers to help them take a fresh look at their condition. When possible, they begin to reduce the patient’s dependence on medication through manipulation, physical therapy, and interventional treatment. They educate patients, in a way they can understand, about why they’re feeling the way they are and teach them things they can do themselves to help manage their pain.

Through it all, Drs. Butler, Dirnberger, and Hong place an emphasis on keeping care personal, responding to their patients as individuals, educating them about their condition, partnering with them to offer the care they request, and empowering them to move forward toward the active life they’ve been missing. Don’t stay stuck in a cycle of pain and medication. Let the doctors at Regency Pain and Therapy help you redefine your pain and get you back to the life you love to live.


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